Since our jewelry foundation in 1995, C.Z GOLD & TRADING INC. has been cultivating a sprit in the jewelry industry while emphasizing its creativity and modern styles. C.Z GOLD & TRADING INC. has been a family owned and operated business that trademarks devotion to the highest professional standards as well as our commitment to achieving not just satisfaction, but delight for our customers to return to us time and time again.

C.Z GOLD & TRADING INC. is one of the world's leading supplier for cubic zirconia gold jewelry, but today we would like to introduce our new luxury silver jewelry line which has taken our customers by storm. Our micro pave silver line has proven that silver can be profitable to our customers, while being able to provide a large number of styles for our clients to choose from. We are the manufacturer of all our products. We not only strive to be competitive with our price, but show customer service that is unmatched in the industry today. 

Our company has built its business plan around the buyer experience. We have created a team of representatives to present our products and create lasting relationships with our merchants. Our team of dedicated staff is working hard to create jewelry products that can make a great impression and wow our customers with the quality and craftsmanship at a great price point.